What they didn’t teach me in school

This school year, there’s a national conversation going on about how things like history, current events and specific books should — and shouldn’t —be taught in schools. But we know that young people are looking to sources outside of school — online and otherwise — to learn about the… Read More

TikTok’s “Devious Licks”

Over the past month, a viral TikTok trend (known as the “devious lick” challenge) has swept schools across the country. The trend encourages students to commit and post acts of vandalism, such as stealing soap dispensers and damaging bathrooms. What kind of TikTok-inspired acts have happened at your… Read More

Returning to School

After a year of online learning, millions of students are heading back to school in person amid surges of the Delta variant. What does returning to in-person learning look and feel like amid new Delta variant concerns, vaccination debates, and mask mandates? Read more… Read More

On Our Minds: Season 2

  In May 2021, Student Reporting Labs debuted its first podcast series, called “On Our Minds” about the biggest mental health challenges young people face, including anxiety, depression, learning during the pandemic, race, and social media. This school year, we want to keep… Read More

Education’s Big Debates

  SRL is producing a digital special premiering on NewsHour’s platforms and distributed through PBS Plus examining how today’s biggest civic debates are impacting education. Specifically, SRL is exploring how the people affected most by these discussions — students — are taking action to find solutions… Read More

9/11 – 20 Years Later

  The September 11 attacks marked one of the most significant events of American history. Current high school students were born years after the attacks, but are surrounded by people with vivid memories of the events, either from the news or in-person on that day. How are students today learning… Read More

Pop Culture That Made Me Feel Seen

Mass media like movies, books, TV shows, and songs have the power to inspire and entertain us. They can also show us new ways of thinking, help us explore our own identities, and showcase underrepresented perspectives. SRL wants you to share a time when you “felt seen” by something in… Read More