Austin millennials fighting against racial injustice

Chants of 'Black Lives Matter' and 'No justice, no peace,'  are filling the streets of cities across the country. Social activists have called for change in the way police officers interact with minority communities. In Austin, some young adults are at the front lines of these protests. Read More

#SRLAcademy journalists profile Washington-area artists, athletes

This summer, 18 students from around the country descended onto our nation's capital to participate in the inaugural Student Reporting Labs Academy. The middle and high school fellows helped program leaders develop strategies to engage young people with the news and current affairs and ensure that diverse youth voices are active in the conversations about critical issues facing the nation. Read More

On the rise: Kennedy Huff

Kennedy Huff, a member of the inaugural SRL All-Stars Class, will be documenting her internship experience at KLRU in Austin, Texas. Kennedy's internship is sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen initiative. Read More

Laid off roughneck misses life in the Bakken oil fields

After making a good living working on an oil rig, John Desjarlais found himself among thousands of roughnecks let go in North Dakota after the fall in global oil prices shut down nearly half of North Dakota's rigs. As a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indian tribe, Desjarlais returned home to a reservation with 69 percent unemployment. Now he lives on unemployment benefits, trying to make ends meet while he waits for the call to return to the rig and the lifestyle he grew to love. Read More

How a 9th-grader’s letter to Gwen Ifill inspired an entire school

This April, Gwen Ifill received a letter that began: “Dear Ms. Ifill, I hope you remember me, but if you do not, my name is Sophie Sabin.” That letter became a catalyst to an inspirational moment for hundreds of middle school students in Newark, New Jersey, today. Sophie admired Ifill for years… Read More

SRL reporter interviews New Jersey Senator Cory Booker

What do you do if you're a 12-year-old journalist and you cross paths with a high-profile U.S. Senator? If you're Student Reporting Labs reporter Isabel Evans, you snag an interview. Isabel, a student at Phillip's Academy Charter School in Newark, and her colleagues interviewed New Jersey Senator Cory Booker during a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the launch of the state's newest public television station, NJTV. Read More

The whistleblower

What does it take for a student to realize that a friend is planning something dangerous and take action? The students at Cedar Crest High School in Lebanon, Pennsylvania talk to the whistleblower, principal and police officer who followed up on the information that most likely prevented a tragedy and led to a trial. Read More

Designing Hawaii schools that keep out danger and let in nature

On Maui, schools with multiple buildings are designed to withstand natural forces, not intruders. But in the wake of Columbine, Sandy Hook and other school shootings, administrators must find ways to balance security with nurturing learning environments. Student Television Network correspondent Sydney Dempsey reports, part of our ongoing Student Reporting Labs series 'The New Safe.' Read More