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Troubled rollout of FAFSA overhaul causes major delays for students seeking financial aid

Students waiting on financial aid will have to wait even longer after the Department of Education found a calculation error on hundreds of thousands of FAFSA applications. Laura Barrón-López has reaction from students questioning when and if they will get aid and discusses the problem with Ted Mitchell of the American Council on Education.

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Austin theater company works to preserve Latin American culture

The Austin, Texas theater company, Proyecto Teatro, aims to promote and preserve Latin American culture. Its latest project is helping redefine Latin American history. Journey Love Taylor of our Student Reporting Labs Academy shares the story as part of our arts and culture series, “CANVAS.”

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Texas music teacher uses mariachi to help students connect with Mexican culture

The rhythm of mariachi music is known worldwide and becoming even more so. Music teacher Susana Diaz-Lopez shares her insights on its growth and impact in the Austin area. From cultural connections to musical exploration, her students find their place in and out of school. Our Student Reporting Labs academy fellows produced this story for our arts and culture series, CANVAS.

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