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PBS Podcast ‘On Our Minds’ co-host, senior voices teen mental health

Senior James Kim obtained the position of the Season 4 co-host position for the PBS podcast ‘On Our Minds,’ and the debut episode aired on Dec. 13. With half of teenagers facing mental health issues, he hopes to explore this new media and accomplish the goal of the podcast to voice awareness.

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Teens reflect on how social media nearly ruined their friendship

The addictive nature of social media doesn’t just have parents, lawmakers and advocates worried. Last year, more than half of U.S. teens said it would be difficult to give up social media, including TikTok and YouTube. The latest episode of our Student Reporting Labs series “Moments of Truth” tells the story of one teen who faced this dilemma head-on with Instagram.

PBS NewsHour

Student research project draws attention to price disparities in low-income neighborhoods

A student research project in Boston is drawing attention to price disparities between grocery stores in high and low-income neighborhoods. Student journalist Sriya Tallapragada reports in this story produced during NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs Summer Academy, where teens from around the country come together to hone their journalism, film and storytelling skills.

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