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How the political debate on teaching race in schools is impacting students and educators

Since the start of last year, more than half of all states have introduced bills banning the teaching of CRT in public schools. It is political backlash from conservatives, who are casting frank conversations about race as divisive or anti-white.

The NewsHour spoke to four high school students about their experiences learning about Black history amid the new restrictions and political pressure.


PBS NewsHour

Kauaʻi student shares how teens are dealing with ongoing pandemic changes in new PBS special

A local high school student had the opportunity to be part of a PBS NewsHour online special called “Our New Normal: How Teens Are Redefining School Life.” It showcased the next generation of journalists as they reported on hot-button issues affecting today’s young people such mental health, free speech, transgender rights, and the pandemic’s impact on education.

The program was co-hosted by Kate Nakamura, an aspiring journalist and junior at Kauaʻi High School. The Conversation sat down with her to find out what the new normal looks like for local high school students.


Hawai'i Public Radio

Johnstown students share thoughts on ‘new normal’ with teachers, administration

Greater Johnstown students from various grades provided honest answers to district teachers and administrators on Thursday about classes, mental health, safety and more.

“I just feel that it’s really important to get your point across,” junior Meeya Gause said. “It’s just nice to know that someone is listening to what you’re saying.”

The 16-year-old was one of 19 learners who participated in the gathering.

The students were shown the PBS documentary ”Our New Normal: How Teens are Redefining School Life,” which recently aired on WQED, then met with Superintendent Amy Arcurio and teachers Christian Wrabley, Dan Tomak and John Smith to discuss the film and their own lives.

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High school can be hard. Here’s how one teacher helps her students skate through it

The past two years of this pandemic have been especially difficult for students, who have experienced major disruptions to both their education and social lives. In a special program that premieres Tuesday, NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs team is exploring how many young people are dealing with the new normal. Here’s a look at how one teacher has taken an unconventional approach to learning.


PBS NewsHour

Asking good questions and telling powerful stories: A Q&A with Student Reporting Labs partners

Julie Tiedens is in the business of telling good stories and developing informed citizens. As a Black River Falls High School English teacher and student media advisor for PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs, her name is always the final one attached to Student Reporting Labs (SRL) stories as a testament of her behind-the-scenes work with students in every step of the journalistic process.

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