Unlearning Thanksgiving: Centering Indigenous Youth Voice | Part 1

In recognition of November being Native American Heritage month, PBS Newshour Student Reporting Labs gathered perspectives from Native American students on what Thanksgiving means to them, and the importance of educating others about Native American heritage.

Cordelia Falls Down, a member of the Apsáalooke Nation and United Keetoowah Band, is from the Crow reservation of Montana. She is pursuing a Masters degree in Native American Studies-Tribal Governance and Policy at University of Oklahoma.

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Thanksgiving in the time of COVID-19: Tips on staying safe

Ahead of the holiday season, the CDC is urging families not to travel for Thanksgiving or have multiple households meet for meals. Andrea Salazar Lopez with NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs explores the inherent dangers during this most challenging Thanksgiving. And if you do decide to gather, she shares some strategies that could lower your risks.

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High School in a Pandemic

Christy catches up with PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs students Isaac, Mackenzie, and Emily about how school has changed when it comes to virtual learning and interactions with their friends and teachers.


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