Gen Z on a Post-COVID future

COVID is Gen Z’s “Where were you when the world stopped?” moment. Has it inspired them to do something different in life? What lessons have they taken from living through a pandemic? We gave our PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs kids an assignment: a video diary on how they feel now about a post-COVID future. Read more.

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How teens adapted and changed during the pandemic

From gaining a better understanding of themselves and learning lifelong lessons to struggling with their mental health and education, teens are creating a new normal as they attend online school and grow accustomed to a pandemic that has forced them to see more of family and less of friends and teachers. READ MORE

PBS NewsHour

How students are fighting Zoom fatigue

Zoom. Google Meet. Microsoft Teams. We used to work in offices or go to school for classes. Now many of us are working all day in little “Zoom boxes” where the line between work and rest gets blurrier everyday, along with our eyesight. Read more.

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Teenagers reflect on how their worlds changed during the pandemic

For teenagers, this year of quarantine and remote school forced an unprecedented experiment in learning and coping. We asked our network of student journalists to reflect on how their worlds changed and what they’re looking forward to once the pandemic is over. Watch

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