Students Help Report the Caucuses

As local Democrats and Republicans met at Centerville High School to select their supported Presidential candidates, students lurked with cameras and questions.

The effort is part of another project with the Student Reporting Labs program through the national PBS organization.

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The Daily Iowegian

How students experience and cope with racist stereotypes

“Racism is still deeply rooted all over America,” said Martin Luther King Jr. in a 1967 speech. “It is still deeply rooted in the North, and it’s still deeply rooted in the South.”

Fifty-three years after King said those words, American students say they still encounter racial stereotypes in their daily lives. To mark today’s anniversary of King’s birth, PBS NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs collected testimonies about racism from our recent No Labels Attached project on misconceptions and stereotypes.

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PBS NewsHour

Generation Z Shirks Political Labels In 2020

One in 10 eligible voters in the 2020 election will be a member of Generation Z. Born between 1996 and 2012, Gen Zers are on track to be the most ethnically and racially diverse generation in U.S. history.

Here & Now talks with three young California voters about what matters to them in the upcoming election.

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