Jordanian Teachers Learn How to Teach Video Journalism

Amman, Jordan–A total of 12 teachers from four public schools took part in an intensive training workshop held at the Jordan Media Institute (JMI) on media and information literacy (MIL) and story production by the PBS NewsHour’s Student Reporting Labs (SRL) team. Read more.

Jordan Media Institute

Second Annual Youth Collective Summit Focuses on Civic Engagement

Last week on March 5, WNET hosted its second Youth Collective Summit at the New School. Youth Collective is a youth engagement initiative focused on amplifying youth voice and providing a platform for young people to engage in the important work of building a more ethical world. This year’s theme was “BEYOND THE VOTE: Gen Z and Civic Engagement,” which brought together more than 200 high school students from across New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.

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