Independence High School

Charlotte, NC

Name: Marie Matthews
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Marie Worsley-Matthews joined PBS SRL last year and is about to complete her 2nd year as a PBS SRL instructor at Independence High School in Charlotte, NC.  Marie is a veteran teacher with a  Master’s degree in English, Secondary Education, and Education Administration who also holds a Principal’s license as well as a plethora of other certifications in Journalism, the Humanities, and other related fields.  She is an educator who has won numerous awards and certificates of merit in teaching, and who has been honored for her professional educational service to both students and staff.   Students in the Indy PBS SRL have had footage from several stories featured on the PBS NewsHour this year and last for the Misinformation, College Cheating Scandal and Nationwide Student Walk Out in support of stopping gun violence after the school shooting tragedy at Stoneman Douglas HS.

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